UTA FrontRunner PTC

MRS has been awarded the contract for the FrontRunner Positive Train Control (PTC) Project to place into service the PTC system that meets all requirements of the Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and performs in a manner consistent with the Approved UTA PTC Implementation Plan (PTCIP), dated February 24, 2014 and the E-ATC Type Approval (FRA Approval No, FRATA-2013-01) of April 12, 2013. This work is being conducted on an active, mixed use rail line with minimal disruption to service.

This project is being executed by Rocky Mountain Systems Services, a joint venture of MRS and MJG, Inc.  The project team completed the preconstruction phase in 2015. Signal and communication system equipment modifications are designed and installation and wiring of the new equipment is underway. Concurrently, the application software is being updated to incorporate PTC functions and the PTC Safety Plan is being developed. The new fiber optic subsystem to support advanced functions was installed in early 2016.