AMTRAK Michigan East ITCS and Signals

This 134-mile project requires installation of a new signal and communications system. The more than 250 locations include 12 end of sidings, 31 electric locks, 35 single track automatic signals and nine double-track automatic signals. Also included in the project are three universal interlockings and three major cross-line interlockings. Completion of the project will require the complete installation of approximately 150 new highway crossing systems. To support the advanced ITCS funcAlbion Cutover.21tionality, the work also includes a dedicated fiber optic network and 31 radio transmission towers. When completed, the signal system will feature a mixed use operation of freight traffic and 110-mph passenger train service. MRS scope includes installation and testing of both the communications and signal systems.

This project is being performed on an active railroad and progressing smoothly. Installation is complete and cutovers are ongoing with only three locations remaining. Expected completion date is June 2016.  MRS is on track to complete our work on or before this date.