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Core Values


safetyMRS holds safety as our highest priority. Safety is our number one priority because we want everyone to go home safe, every day.

We promote a safety culture in every aspect of our business. Safety starts at the top, and it is each of our employee’s individual responsibility to work safely and look out for the safety of those who work beside us.

Daily safety meeting on our Amtrak CBTC project

Daily safety meeting on our Amtrak CBTC project

We build safety into every activity through planning, training, monitoring, and using our corporate safety plan.

Our commitment to safety is reinforced with frequent meetings involving all levels of personnel to reflect and improve safety performance. MRS’ culture is to work in a manner that respects the health, safety, and welfare of everyone performing the work. We remain committed to providing a safe project environment for both workers and the public.

In the 14-year history of MRS/RSS, there has been only one recordable or lost time incident or injury. Our Experience Modification Rate is .68.


qualityMRS places a major emphasis on integrity and quality. We employ and train only the most talented managers, engineers, and craft supervisors. Producing quality work is the right thing to do and it comes naturally to us. We recognize that the quality of what we build directly impacts the lives of the traveling public and continually strive to provide our clients and the public with the safest, most efficient and dependable transportation available.

We believe that the achievement of quality is the responsibility of the entire project team, and we are committed to providing the necessary training, support, materials, and tools to constantly achieve quality excellence.

From our valued client the Utah Transit Authority – “MRS always takes an open and honest approach to all of their work. This falls directly in line with the ‘UTA Way’ and helped to make UTA’s Frontlines 2015 program come in under budget and two years ahead of schedule.” Travis Baxter, UTA


Our commitment to the communities in which we work is best exemplified by our encouragement of our employees to lead and participate in local events, activities and charitable pursuits. Additionally, MRS supports the communities in which we work, at all levels of our organization by continuing to search and implement ways to lessen the impact of our work on local businesses and residents.


rssPresident Gerry McKenna founded MRS in 2001 as Rail Systems Solutions (RSS), to provide turnkey services and expertise in program management and controls, systems integration, signal design, materials, construction, commissioning, documentation, training and maintenance of complex systems to the transit and freight industry throughout North America.

workingDuring the first few years of operation, RSS employees worked to build and further industry relationships by providing quality services pertaining to value engineering design reviews, procurement strategies, project management, training, manuals, repair and testing for transit agencies, and training and consulting for industry contractors.

frontrunner_smallIn 2004, RSS (with our joint venture partner MJG, Inc.), was awarded its first signaling project and tasked to design, furnish, install and commission the signal system for Utah Transit Authority’s FrontRunner North Commuter Rail project. Our scope also included installation of 23 sets of carborne cab signal equipment on UTA’s fleet of locomotives and cab cars. In addition, RSS also provided maintenance training for signaling, crossing, and carborne cab signal equipment. Please see our Timeline of subsequent projects.

In November 2011, RSS and its 12 employees became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stacy and Witbeck, Inc., and changed its name to Modern Railway Systems. SWI established MRS to expand and diversify their offerings and provide a broad range of solutions to their customers. MRS offers its customers a proven track record of exceeding customer expectations from an execution and quality perspective and are now able to offer a complete range of services to our customers.

mrs_officeBy February 2014, MRS had grown to 38 employees and leased a new main office building in Littleton, CO. The new space gives MRS room to grow and the ability to utilize our resources to full potential. For our visitors, the location is convenient for travel to LRT lines, the airport and downtown.

In July 2015, MRS completed the acquisition of Custom Steel Manufacturing in Winnipeg, Canada, now called Modern Manufacturing Limited. MRS plans to enhance MML products provided to Canadian railways by offering more complete product solutions, leveraging the growth of MML and MRS in Canada. Additionally, MML provides another supply resource for projects MRS bids and executes in the US. MML employs 51 people.

mrs_trucksCurrently, MRS employs 75 people, owns the MRS headquarters building in Littleton, CO, is building projects and maintains project offices and warehouses across the country including locations in CA, NC, MI, OR, CO, TX, and UT, and owns $3.1M worth of fleet vehicles and field equipment.

MRS Acquisition of Modern Manufacturing Limited

September 1, 2015

SANDAG LRT Systems $118M

July 15, 2015

SANDAG LRT Systems $118M

UTA FrontRunner PTC $22M

November 1, 2014

Detroit M-1 Streetcar $5.9M

September 1, 2014

UTA On Call $880K

August 15, 2014


July 15, 2014


eBART Extension $78.3M

July 1, 2014

eBART Extension $78.3M

TriMet WES PTC $18.7M

June 1, 2014

AMTRAK Hudson Crossings $900K

May 1, 2014


January 15, 2014


RTD I-225 LRT $20M

December 1, 2013

RTD I-225 LRT $20M

Edmonton LRT $438K

June 15, 2013

Miller-Coors Gate Arms $40K

June 1, 2013


May 1, 2013


DART Streetcar $1.4M

March 15, 2013

SMART IOS 1 & 1A $48.2M

February 1, 2013

UTA Sugar House Streetcar $8M

June 15, 2012

ST U830 LRT $9.7M

June 1, 2012

ST U830 LRT $9.7M

SWI Acquisition of MRS

December 1, 2011

UTA Airport LRT $9.9M

July 1, 2011

UTA Draper LRT $9.4M

November 1, 2010

UTA Draper LRT $9.4M

RTD Station Upgrade $492K

September 1, 2010

RTD Platform Upgrade $84K

June 1, 2010

RTD Elati Yard $315K

February 15, 2010

TriMet Quiet Zone $2.8M

February 1, 2010

RTD West Rail LRT $27.9M

September 1, 2009

RTD West Rail LRT $27.9M

Edmonton South LRT Field Testing $41K

March 1, 2009

UTA FRS $41.3M

December 1, 2008

UTA FRS $41.3M

UTA Mid-Jordan LRT $21.3M

August 1, 2008

UTA Mid-Jordan LRT $21.3M

TriMet WES $18.7M

July 1, 2006

TriMet WES $18.7M

UTA FRN $22.3M

December 1, 2004

UTA FRN $22.3M